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Balochistan’s deadly confluence of separatist insurgency and Islamist militancy

Baloch separatists and the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan are growing closer in Balochistan, threatening the Pakistan state and military as well as Chinese interests

| Aug 28, 2023

Pakistan’s IMF bailout is not without political consequences

The deal enhances the IMF’s economic and also political footprint, but leaves civil-military relations untouched and widens the gap between the elites and the masses

| Aug 03, 2023

To deal with Imran Khan, Pakistan descends into autocracy

Rising military influence, crackdown on the PTI, and compromised electoral landscape indicate a shift towards autocratic rule

| Jun 24, 2023

Punjab’s media reeling in aftermath of Amritpal Singh’s arrest

Internet bans, social-media suspensions and police raids of journalists’ homes in Indian Punjab raise concerns over press freedom amid a crackdown on supporters of the Khalistan ideologue Amritpal Singh

Pakistan’s politics continues to dictate its economic crisis

The standoff over elections in Punjab between the PML-N’s ruling coalition and Imran Khan’s PTI has intensified Pakistan’s multidimensional crisis, and may lead to sovereign default

| May 19, 2023

The path to women’s political participation in Bhutan

In Bhutan’s 2023 National Council elections, only one woman was elected to the NC from a female population of around 360,000. Despite progress in recent years, women still face challenges to political participation.

| May 08, 2023

BJP’s land reforms and the shifting political landscape in Kashmir

The BJP’s approach to reshaping Jammu and Kashmir’s political legacy and governance model is based on exclusionary measures that have raised concerns about the erasure of Kashmiris from the region’s history and identity

| Apr 21, 2023

How the IMF bailout is changing Sri Lanka’s foreign policy

The recent IMF bailout package has significantly shifted Sri Lanka’s foreign policy with major players such as China, India and the United States, though such shifts do not seem to bode well for its people

| Mar 30, 2023

A disappeared Maldivian journalist’s family still waits for closure

Eight years after he vanished, and despite an official report pointing to his abduction and murder, Ahmed Rilwan is yet to be declared dead, and powerful officials allegedly linked to the killers evade justice

| Mar 21, 2023

Tehreek-i-Taliban is making its way back in Pakistan

Tehreek-i-Taliban’s resurgence reveals the failure of the Pakistan government’s anti-terror policy and its ambivalent, contradictory relationship with Islamist militant groups

| Mar 13, 2023

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