Sri Lanka continues to militarise the state, despite the Rajapaksas’ fall

Repressive legislation such as the Bureau of Rehabilitation Act and the Anti-Terrorism Act follow naturally from the Rajapaksas’ post-war militarisation of Sri Lanka’s North and East

| Jul 31, 2023

Sri Lanka’s exodus of healthcare workers

Following Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, the healthcare sector is experiencing a migration wave, which has led to a shortage of healthcare workers, impacting healthcare services, medical education, and health equity in the country.

| Jul 24, 2023

Where workers stand in Sri Lanka’s garment-industry boom

‘Garments without Guilt?’ sheds light on labour ethics and narratives associated with exceptionalism in Sri Lanka’s apparel industry

| Jul 17, 2023

Sri Lankan speculative fiction lifts off

An extraordinary burst of anglophone SF writing from Sri Lanka looks afresh at home and the universe(s)

| Jul 10, 2023

Tamil nationalism in Sri Lanka defies state repression

Post-war memorialisation events serve as resilient expressions of Tamil nationalism despite crackdowns by the Sri Lankan state

| Jul 07, 2023

Sri Lanka’s political monks rage against reduced clout

After the 2022 protests and the fall of the Rajapaksas, Sri Lankan monks are politically adrift and looking to project new threats – including Christians

| Jun 30, 2023

Patronage politics and the economic crisis in Sri Lanka’s North and East

The North and East saw fewer protests amid Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, but disillusionment with mainstream parties is changing the region’s electoral politics.

| May 15, 2023

How the fishing cat became a symbol of wetland conservation in Sri Lanka

Colombo has lost nearly 40 percent of its wetlands due to urbanisation in the last 30 years. Several environmentalists are now fighting to preserve and sustain the remaining wetland patches.

| Apr 20, 2023

How agrarian utopianism shapes Sri Lanka

The idealised "village" was at the core of the people’s struggle last year. As a fundamental of Sri Lankan nationalist thought, agrarian utopianism helps to explain the country’s past and imagine a different future.

| Apr 17, 2023

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