Bhutan took a step towards queer rights, but its LGBTIQ+ people want a giant leap

Bhutan celebrated the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 2021 but LGBTIQ+ activists are pushing for the legal recognition of all gender identities and marriage equality

| Nov 21, 2023

Pakistan brings down the axe on Afghan migrants

A crackdown on undocumented migrants is forcing thousands back to uncertain fates in Afghanistan, and ratcheting up tensions between Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban

| Nov 17, 2023

How Manipur’s ethnic violence ripped a queer friendship apart

The collapse of a deep Meitei–Kuki friendship shows how Manipur’s nascent queer movement is fraying, threatening its hard-won gains in the violence-torn Indian state

| Oct 31, 2023

Purse-seiners, trawlers, and the epic fight over fishing in Tamil Nadu

A ban on purse-seine fishing in Tamil Nadu has threatened thousands of fishers’ livelihoods – and they are refusing to give up without a fight

| Sep 07, 2023

Queer Christians in India cautiously rebuild relationships with their churches

Driven away by anti-homosexual stigma, some queer Indian Christians are slowly returning to the fold – helped by some churches’ efforts to make safe spaces for them

| Jul 21, 2023

Fighting the erasure of anti-Shia violence in Pakistan

Pakistan’s mainstream media obscures violence against Shias and other minorities, but volunteers online are documenting the bloody reality facing their people

| Jul 19, 2023

Hopes and fears on the LoC after two years of ceasefire

A stable ceasefire along the Line of Control between India and Pakistan has given residents a chance at normal life—but threats of an end to the peace persist

| Jun 07, 2023

Interfaith solidarity in the face of anti-Muslim violence on Ram Navami in India

Multiple Indian states saw organised anti-Muslim violence on the Hindu festival of Ram Navami. In parts of West Bengal, instances of compassion and interfaith solidarity that unfolded in response to the violence.

| May 05, 2023

Jammu re-activates Village Defence Groups – and old fears

Suspected militant attacks in Dhangri village in Rajouri have spurred the Indian government to re-activate a 90s-era scheme to arm civilians. But residents are yet to feel secure.

| Apr 03, 2023

Adivasis in Chhattisgarh use technology to reclaim maps and forest rights

How organisations like Khoj have empowered Adivasis in their bid to redefine state-imposed borders

| Jan 16, 2023

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