Jammu and Kashmir

BJP’s land reforms and the shifting political landscape in Kashmir

The BJP’s approach to reshaping Jammu and Kashmir’s political legacy and governance model is based on exclusionary measures that have raised concerns about the erasure of Kashmiris from the region’s history and identity

| Apr 21, 2023

Jammu re-activates Village Defence Groups – and old fears

Suspected militant attacks in Dhangri village in Rajouri have spurred the Indian government to re-activate a 90s-era scheme to arm civilians. But residents are yet to feel secure.

| Apr 03, 2023

Kashmir remembers a trans icon

Reshma's long fight for transgender rights left a powerful legacy in India-administered Kashmir

| Feb 23, 2023

What’s really behind Jammu and Kashmir’s new Family ID?

Kashmiris fear the scheme is another tool for surveillance and collective punishment by the Indian state.

| Jan 23, 2023

Integral yet dispensable

On the impact of targeted killings of migrant workers in Kashmir.

Charting new territories

A recent anthropological volume on Jammu & Kashmir makes important new contributions to scholarship on the region.

| Sep 22, 2020

Kashmir and the rise of settler colonialism

The political and economic exploitation of militarily occupied J & K.

| Sep 01, 2020

Reading Kashmir

One year after the revocation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, a selection of articles on the region.

| Aug 06, 2020

In Kashmir, Resistance is Mainstream

The Indian state’s decades-old tactic of installing and dethroning loyalists in Kashmir continues.

Militarisation and the media

How the Modi government imposed its will on Jammu & Kashmir.

| Aug 16, 2019

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