women’s rights

The audacity of ‘sitting improperly’

Navigating patriarchy on Karachi streets

| Apr 09, 2019

A conversation with Asma Jahangir

From our archives, when the human-rights activist spoke to author Ritu Menon.

| Feb 11, 2018

Freedom Limited

The secret burdens of Nepali women

| Feb 03, 2016

Barometers of ‘success’

Afghan women, development and geopolitics.

| Apr 02, 2014

Where are the women in the Sri Lankan peace?

If and when peace comes to Sri Lanka, the new structures of political relations must be designed to preserve and advance the gains made by women in the last two decades.

| Oct 23, 2009

The heroines of dignified struggle

A review of 'Women, Gender and Development Reader' edited by Nalini Visvanathan, Lynn Duggan, Laurie Nisonoff and Nan Wiegersma, New Delhi: Zubaan 2006.

| Sep 17, 2006

Taming of the Indian shrew

Feminist outrage and the demand for women’s rights seem to have been shelved as we enter the Era of Gender Mainstreaming.

| Sep 01, 2006

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