Pentax Cameras and Khukuris

Impoverished hillmen have always had more to fight for, having less to lose.

The small town of Gorkha sits in the middle of Nepal halfway between Pokhara and Kathmandu, near the important road junction of Mugling. The 23 km-long mad up to Gorkha is one of the most pleasant drives in Nepal, passing through the handsome open paddies of the Daraundi river. The savage red of the hill soil is set off by the green of the forest. An attractive, arched bridge indicates that this road was built by Chinese engineers and the waltzing curves have the grace of a Chinese work of art.

As the road reaches Gorkha bazaar, it bears up steeply and then stops dramatically at a dead end, with the old durbar and fort of Tallokot rearing on the skyline a thousand feet above the bus stand. There is no better psychological demonstration of the phrase "commanding heights".

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