Mallikas of yesteryear

The forgotten histories of Pakistan’s music queens.

From Himal Archives EXPLORE

Keeping journalism alive in Kashmir

Journalists in Kashmir have done remarkable work from the ground, despite government curbs and local media’s limitations.

| Jan 16, 2020

The emerging complexity of Dalit consciousness

The world of Hindi Dalit literature is more than the sum of its stories.

| Jan 01, 2010

Putras of the Bhumi

Many Malaysian Indians may feel marginalised, but there is nowhere else they would rather live. Especially not the Subcontinent of their ancestors.

| Jan 01, 1997

Gods in Exile

Every piece of ancient religious statuary from Kathmandu Valley that sits today in the West is stolen property. The gods must be returned from their exile, and until such time, those who presently hold them …

Political maps and cultural territories

The earliest boundary between India and Bangladesh separated peoples of the hills and plains.