The ‘good-governance’ problem

How India’s top bureaucrats saw the end of the Emergency, and why it’s relevant today.

Imperfect markets

On whether Southasia’s digital space should be regulated.

How has COVID-19 impacted civic mobilisation and organising in Southasia?

How border regions can be central to building a post-pandemic Southasia.

How Pakistani women continue to challenge patriarchal norms.

When a pandemic takes grip, even cricket knows when to stop buying its own hype.

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At the Indian Coffee House

On the Indian Coffee House and the 16th-century Sufi saint who introduced the beans to the Subcontinent.

| Feb 05, 2019

How not to write a history of Gorkhaland

Romit Bagchi's book on Darjeeling and the Gorkhaland movement rings hollow.

| Feb 22, 2013

Khas of Chaudabisa

In northwest Nepal lives a group that is economically backward, socially oppressed, and psychologically pressured. The Khas of Jumla are a group that fell through the cracks of history.

| May 01, 1995

Can the Southasian toad leapfrog?

We gave them Rajneesh, and they gave us Bill Gates