Prisoners in a pandemic

COVID-19 reveals structural and systemic inequalities in Sri Lanka’s prison system.

Doctors without armour

Working without protective gear during the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers in Pakistan say they are on a suicide mission.

COVID-19: Southasian states of emergency

A legal analysis of the origins and possible impacts of emergency law.

The long walk home for migrants, tech and surveillance in the time of COVID-19, pardoning a convicted army officer, and more.

A call for your writings, photos, video and audio in the time of COVID-19.

India's pollution metrics fail to capture the complex reality of environmental degradation.

A recently translated novel brings a new perspective on Partition to the English-speaking world.

From Himal Archives EXPLORE

Blackness in brown spaces

Despite historical linkages, Africans in Southasia endure prejudice and institutional discrimination.

| Jul 14, 2015

Orange is for oppression

A day in the life of a Colombo street cleaner.

| Mar 06, 2015

The Languages of Lollywood

How linguistic politics impoverishes the diversity of Pakistani cinema.

| Sep 20, 2013