Rorty and Ramu Hesitation, hope and happenstance

When Hitler will be fast asleep.
Gandhi in deep trance,
spinning his wheel.
That's when,
We shall play hide and seek.
– Sindhi Poet Vimmi Sadarangani

Two of the more remarkable philosophers of our time passed away recently. On 8 June, at his home in California, Richard Rorty succumbed to pancreatic cancer. He had been fighting the disease for a long time, and his departure, at age 75, was not unexpected. Five days later, on our side of the globe, Ramchandra Gandhi quit his own haunt unannounced, without leaving a forwarding address for his limited circle of admirers. The 70-year-old was found dead on 13 June at the India International Centre in New Delhi.

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Himal Southasian