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Queries or grievances

Please write to us at editorial@himalmag.com if you have any questions or complaints.

For patrons:

You will receive a confirmation email (please check your spam folder) after successful payment for a patronship package. Himal Southasian has the right to change the price of patron packages, but this will only affect new patron sign-ups as well as patronship renewals.

Payment must be made via the online payment gateway used by Himal Southasian. We do not store any details of your chosen payment option (e.g. credit or debit card numbers). This information is only accessible to and processed by the banking channels involved in the transaction.

We are not able to process refunds for patron payments. To cancel your recurring payment patron package, please write to us at patrons@himalmag.com at least one week before your package renews automatically.

For patrons entitled to receive the Right-Side Up Map, we will provide replacements if the map is damaged in shipping.

Please write to us at patrons@himalmag.com with any questions or complaints

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