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In Kathmandu, computers have become status symbols to prove that an office is at the cutting edge of technology. For those who actually use their IBMs, Apples and Bananas (a popular Hong Kong brand), there is a lot of development software easily accessible to enhance the productivity of their RAMs and ROMs.
A considerable amount of software is freely available in the public domain. For example, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) offers more than 1100 computer programmes through its Computer Software Management and Information Centre (COSMIC) which are of use to small businesses, universities and government agencies.
International development agencies have produced software for personal computers. The World Bank´s "Economies in Curricula Choice" model is used to test the effects of changing educational policies. Software for evaluating policies, standards and schedules for road construction can be obtained. "WHAZAN" is a programme of hazard assessment for industrial facilities to prevent future Bhopal-type accidents. Together with UNDP, the Bank has also developed 10 programmes for computer aided planning and design of cost-effective water supply and waste disposal systems.
Two books should be of interest to readers. Managing ap Nation: The Software   Source  Book,  is a review   of
 applications for a wide range of national administrative activities, including programmes for rural development, energy, water, agriculture, forests, population, environment and ecology. The Guide to Software for Developing Countries, by IBM, contains hundreds of programmes which are available free or at nominal cost to support development projects. — Robert Schwa re, Development   Forum.

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