Statement from individuals concerned with Kanak Mani Dixit’s arrest on his release

(The following statement has been prepared by individuals concerned with the arrest and detention of journalist, activist and Himal Southasian's founding editor Kanak Mani Dixit by the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), following his release ordered by the Supreme Court of Nepal.)

The Supreme Court bench of Chief Justice Sushila Karki and Justice Jagadish Poudel this afternoon responded to the habeas corpus petition on Kanak Mani Dixit by releasing him unconditionally, and also quashing the earlier decision by the Special Court remanding Dixit for further investigation by the CIAA. Additionally, they ordered that if the CIAA were to want to question Dixit, it should only do so by following legal process. Dixit says he will continue with the main case he has against the CIAA challenging the legality of its case against him, and another case charging the CIAA with contempt of court. At present, he is in the intensive care unit at the Bir Hospital, where he will remain till his health is stable.

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