The Buildings of Sanagaon

There is less to the buildings of Sanagon than meets the eye.

On the surface, Sanagaon has everything for "development" and "poverty alleviation" to occur. There are eight buildings in the bazaar. One houses the Agricultural Development Bank, and "Bikes Medical Hall". Two structures exist for the health-post. There is also one house for the Veterinary Service Center, and another for the Sajha Sahakari Sansthan. There is the building for the "Nirdesit Gramin Samiti", meant to provide villagers with provisions at low cost. There is also a "restaurant". The primary school stands a little off the main trail, and the high school further down.

In these forgotten hills of western Nepal, Sanagaon might be regarded as having it all: a health post and a pharmacy, a bank, a place to treat livestock, a place to obtain unnat seedlings and fertiliser, and two schools. Also, there is piped water.

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Himal Southasian