Trips & journeys

So many places to see, so many people to meet.

When does a mere trip, simply making your way from place A to place B, turn into a journey, something altogether grander and more impressive? It is probably a combination of factors, a blend of distance and time and, hardest to define, intent. We can set out on a trip anytime, but a journey is a bigger operation. Fortunately, the world provides plenty of opportunities for journeys, and I have been lucky enough to have made a few journeys over the years, and have crossed paths or joined in for a spell with others.

A couple of years ago I jumped on my bicycle and pedalled off for two weeks on an African journey. My two weeks, the 1100 km stage from Iringa (Tanzania) to Lilongwe (Malawi), was only a small taste of a two-wheel journey that, in total, takes four months and stretches for 12,000 km from Cairo to Cape Town. The time, the distance, the mode of transport and the route all qualified this as a true journey, but to my mind the spirit of this adventure doubly qualified it for the journey tag. Ride a bicycle through 10 different African countries and, even with a support truck tagging along to carry equipment and, most important, a bike mechanic or two, there is no way this could be anything less than a journey.

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Himal Southasian