Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

When mountains die they turn white

The leaders of India and Pakistan have now appropriated to themselves, as others had done before, the power that was God’s alone – to kill mountains, make the earth quake, bring the sea to boil, and destroy humanity.

I saw on television a picture more awesome than the familiar mushroom cloud of nuclear explosion. The mountain had turned white. I wondered how much pain had been felt by nature, God's most wondrous creation. The great mountain in Chagai will turn in time to solid ash! And we, who are so proud of our mountains?

India's mindless right-wing leaders who started it all and then proceeded to goad Pakistan into baring its nuclear capabilities may never acknowledge that they have committed a crime against India and its neighbours, and that not one good – strategic or tactical, political or economic – can accrue from their blunder. An Indian scientist, Vinod Mubayi, rightly says that the RSS has now killed Gandhi twice: his body in 1948, and his legacy 50 years later.

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Himal Southasian