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  • Yashwanth Bhat

    Dear Ms. Bhasthi,

    Thank you for enlightening us Havyaka men regarding the way your and our baby boomers’ generation treat Havyaka women of their generation as well as the Havyaka women born into succeeding generations to date. The fervid issue with your writing elucidated on how women in Havyaka community have been objectified since Havyaka community’s inception if I am given to interpret your analysis verbatim. I totally agree with some of your viewpoints on how Havyaka women have been forced to marry under duress. I see this demeanour ingrained in Havyaka Patriarchal society germane to the baby boomers’ generation, and not to the generations that succeeded.

    Your article trivializes the Havyaka community as if it is the standalone Brahmin community that lives with its chauvinist perils. What confounds me is the manner in which you deduce and dissect Havyaka perils to appease Brahmins of other communities about whom you don’t have anything to write about. Do you write your articles with disdain, so that you could express your vengeance on Havyaka Brahmins for whom you are today or for whom you are not today?

    To write an equitable article on Havyaka community and its evil practice that you unearthed through your wisdom quota, did you conduct a comprehensive study on all sects of non-Havyaka Brahmins, with details to divulge how evil they are or were when compared to Havyaka community? What substantial, concrete data do you have to blemish Havyaka community and glorify other Brahmin communities, including other religions, too? Please publish those data in your next venom-spewing article on Havyaka community. I would love to then give you an unfeigned, unbiased feedback on your data analysis work fastidiously.

    I suppose you have inherited the art of browbeating with your feminist tools to deride Havyaka Brahmin community labeling all of us as misogynists. If that is what you love doing in your writing, then please spend some more time on collating factual data on how women in other Brahmin communities, along with women in other religions, have prospered to date if all of them have had a hunky-dory childhood growing up into mature adults.

    Finally, let me convey my feedback to your writing on Havyaka community conspicuously stating that when a writer chooses to present his/her opinion on a subjective matter that cannot be painted with a single brush and single colour onto all people concerned and unconcerned, he/she must either substantiate the claims he/she makes with non-diaphonous quantifiable, objective evidence to prove the merits of claims or refrain from disparaging the subject of writing only because the writer could not spare a second to write something that gives a balanced viewpoint with data analysed infallibly. Simply put, your writing is a mere essay that is your best work to date of feminism largely misplaced thanks to senescence.

    Good luck with your future writing! Hope you present your viewpoints with factual evidence to prove yourself correct in your upcoming essays.

    Best regards,

    Yashwanth Bhat

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