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  • Yashvant Patel

    ‘resurrection of ‘Indian values’
    The ‘western model’ of ‘governance’ while it has brought ‘huge material dividends’ to ‘self’, and mesmerized devotees like yourselves are being slowly but surely been discarded by the ‘new dispensation’ in India.
    The fight against ‘terrorism’ is the example where the ‘west’ way of doing things has lamentably failed. All the Indian government is doing is getting to the root of the problem to ensure that its ‘institutions’ are not used to perpetuate the same. While one can be tempted to say ‘these are extraordinary times and extraordinary measures’ will have to taken against the problem at hand’ all India has to do is to dip into it’s ‘rich heritage’ to come out with solutions.
    The way ‘Yoga’ has ‘griped the World’ to its benefit the ‘Indian way of doing things’ can be beneficial too.

  • Divyajyoti Sen

    I agree what is going on in Delhi is unacceptable. How can we fix it is the question?

  • Samia K

    Great to know that South Asian media is taking notice of these issues in India and taking a stance on it. The region needs more articles like these that explain and clarify how to assess and think about such rapidly developing situations. Look forward to more well written analysis like these.

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