Photo: Dying Regime / Flickr
Photo: Dying Regime / Flickr

No end in sight

The Maldivian blogger Yameen Rasheed's sister recounts the family’s long struggle for justice.

My younger brother, Yameen Rasheed, the writer, was killed shortly before dawn on Sunday, 23 April 2017. He was one of three siblings in a very close-knit family. His brilliance set him apart from a young age – he completed his GCE O Levels before turning 15. I used to look forward to reading his essays during his school days; his writing was remarkable even then. We always noticed that he did things differently compared to other school children. I remember one instance in middle school when we had to state a proverb and explain it; Yameen, unlike other students, explained the proverb through an elaborate story.

Yameen published informative blog posts on the 'Daily Panic' and 'Slicker Than Your Average'. He had built a steady following on Twitter from people of all ages for sharing his thoughts. His writing centred around political, social and economic issues, including his views on religious extremism. He also questioned the targeting of young bloggers. The distinctively humorous and sarcastic tone of his work appealed to many in the Maldives.

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