Pakistan: Reacting to war

After much posturing and threat issuing, the most popularly opposed war in human history is now underway. To the chagrin of its American and British propagators, it appears that the takeover of Iraq will not be as straightforward as initially advertised. Moreover, with each new casualty, the American and British leaders leave themselves more vulnerable to public outrage.

Many say that the invading powers should have been better aware from the outset of the potential resistance they would face in Iraq. And, among those who say that this war will be the beginning of the end for American imperial ambitions is the multitude of radical Islamist groups operating with a multitude of stated objectives. The truth is that American and British public relations efforts have been as extensive as the accumulation of military might in the Gulf, and the rhetoric of a quick and painless war primarily reflected apprehensions in the American and British public rather than realities on the ground.

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Himal Southasian