Scared and hungry in the air

Travellers thrombosis and bad films are some of the terrors that await the flyer who departs Dhaka for London.

It is 8.45 in the morning on the Dhaka airport tarmac and we are on a 12-hour flight to London. The airhosts and airhostesses flit in and out through various doors of the aircraft to complete mysterious chores, as if passing through different compartments and various imaginations of travel. I have no idea why I have asked for a window seat when given a choice for an aisle. My legs are cramped and I am scared stiff that Deep Vein Thrombosis will grab my already beleaguered limbs. Steve Waugh had it; you are not Steve Waugh so you cannot have it. The absolute logic of cricket greatness calms me down. I promise myself never to fly again.

It is strange that the problem called Travellers Thrombosis (TT) happens when you cannot move but when you are on the move. It is like being punished for breaking a religious taboo. When on the move, move, otherwise… It is also called Economy Class Syndrome as if to say that the slightly penurious may go on pilgrimage, with all its hazards and ritualised suffering, but not travel sitting immobile while on the move, least of all in the air. Nature's argument is inescapable. When travelling, move your ass. An immobile posterior kills.

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Himal Southasian