Extremely Irritated in Colombo

Already, three or four days before the SAARC Summit on 29-31 July, Colombo residents were experiencing grave disruption in their lives as the traffic police went about practising the fine art of blocking roads and diverting traffic. It got worse once South Asia's collection of sorry excuses for democrats and leaders actually landed at Katunayake Airport. We would probably have somehow survived this phase of conferencing and media frenzy better had the 84,000 deities of the Sinhala pantheon been in a good mood. But the offerings of fretful Buddhist commuters did nothing to assuage these deities and the streets of Colombo reeled from the devastating impact.

One of the things that was going on in the minds of the thousands who were stuck for hours by road closures near and far from the conference venue of Bauddhaloka Mawata was, why on earth did we bring this upon ourselves? After all, this summit was to have been held in Nepal, and this traffic horror would have been Kathmandu's problem. Alternatively, the Nepalis could have airlifted this bunch of politicos to some mountain resort in a remote corner of the Himalaya. There, they could have been made to eat momos.

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Himal Southasian