Grasping the Tarai identity

How can the Tarai unite against perceived highlander domination, with its peoples

divided by ethnicity, caste, religion and region?

Some senior Nepali politicians, who should know better, like to claim that there is no "ethnic problem" in Nepal. Because of Nepal´s ethnic and regional diversity, the potential for conflict and crisis is ever-present, just below the surface. All that is required for conflagration is a few power-thirsty individuals who think nothing of setting a match to the ethnic sensibility of communities. Nowhere in Nepal is this more true than in the Tarai, the strip of tropical flatlands that runs contiguous to the east-west foothills of die Himalaya. An attempt is on today to draw a sharp dividing line between the Tarai and the hills, based on regionalism and ethnicity.

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Himal Southasian