Housing Lessons

The construction of public housing is critical for urban development anywhere, but Kathmandu Valley´s limited experience in this area is not very encouraging.

In 1977, the Nepali Government chose two sites west of the Bishnumati River to develop as housing projects. One was the locality of Kuleshwor near Kalimati, and the other was Dallu near the temple complex at Swayambhu.
The work at Kuleshwor, which was the first housing venture in the country to provide "site and services" proceeded as planned. The Kathmandu Valley ToWn Development Committee (KVTDC)acquired521ropanis (26.5 hectares) of land and prepared 810 housing plots with basic services like access roads, water drainage and electricity. All the plots were sold to civil servants and the scheme was declared completed in 1990.

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Himal Southasian