Music as Message

A good tune echoes in the mind. That is why, perhaps, governments the world over try to reinforce their ideologies by finding the "right" words for the tune.

One day in August last year, tourists sipping Coca Cola and eating curd at Bhaktapur's Nyatapola Cafe found a new target for their telephoto lenses. At the base of the famous Nyatapola temple, singers and dancers were taking part in a cultural programme. But this was not just another performance of the Peacock Dance. The tourists were incidental spectators of a show targeted at the Bhaktapur citizen. The songs were about poverty, inequality and development and the show — which was performed in several other places — was presented by Rastriya Janasanskrhik Manch Nepal (National People's Cultural Forum Nepal) which is the cultural wing of the UML, the main opposition party in Nepal.

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Himal Southasian