Netizens of Sri Lanka

No ISP is an island

Sri Lanka's online presence has increased exponentially over the last couple of years, with more and more service providers joining in. The market leader has been Lanka Internet, which has aggressively targeted both commercial and domestic users by providing Internet presence to companies from the banking, tourism and retail industries. Its website is probably the most comprehensive at the moment, featuring as it does the Lanka Business Web, a handy collection of the main commercial sites. It also contains other interesting places like a Virtual Gallery of Sri Lankan Art, TNL Radio online (which you can listen to with a RealAudio setup), and several weekly and daily newspapers as well.

A strong competitor is CeyCom with its site . From energy companies to casinos, finance and banking institutions to hotels, Lions and Rotary to professional organisations such as the Association of General Practitioners and the Chartered Institute of Marketing Newspapers, all have their sites with CeyCom.

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Himal Southasian