Intolerance is the result of self-indulgence, and when religions turn their hack on their founding ideals.

A standard thesaurus list of the syn onyms for "intolerance" would in clude words such as "bigotry", "prejudice", "partiality", "fanaticism", "dogmatism", "racism", "jingoism", "sexism", "bias", "injustice", "umbrage", "discrimination", "high-handedness", "narrow-mindedness", "nepotism", and so on. Each of these terms denotes base characteristics that are antitheses to the development of a just and democratic society.

The history of human civilisation has been a continuous struggle to combat various forms of intolerance in individuals, rulers, groups and nations. The more autocratic a ruler, the less tolerant will the establishment be towards the common people. In reverse, citizens are more tolerant towards each other when their society is democratic. Intolerance is at its height in regimes which cannot stand criticism.

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Himal Southasian