Shame on SAARC

The responsibility of nations takes on multiple dimensions when a particular group of refugees bear affinity OT connections with more than one country. Such is the case with the Bhutanese refugees now living in camps of eastern Nepal, many in their fourth year in exile. Linguistically and by origin, they are Nepali; they also have links with India, where their ancestors migrated to first; and they are settled in Bhutan, acquiring Bhutanese citizenship over time. These three dimensions must not be lost when we try for a solution to the Lhotshampa refugee problem.

In times of great stress and uncertainty, a migrant population usually tends to return toits country of origin. Naturally, therefore, when faced with persecution the Lhotshampa fled Bhutan and headed west over Indian territory towards the Nepal border at Kakarbhitta.

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Himal Southasian