The Future of the Brigade of Gurkhas

 "Gurkhas to Go" – The Independent, Kathmandu, 10 July

British Gurkhas to Stay" – British Embassy press release, 24 July

On 4 June, the Ministry of Defence in London announced that the strength of the British armed forces would be cut back by a third by the mid-1990s. This news was cause for immediate concern among the Nepali hill communities which have traditionally sent their boys to enlist in the Brigade of Gurkhas.

The detailed breakdown of the British armed forces, whose strength is to be reduced by 44,000 to 116,000 by mid-decade, was presented in a White Paper submitted to Parliament. The Brigade of Gurkhas is to be reduced from five infantry battalions to two, and the number of soldiers is to be reduced by two-thirds.

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Himal Southasian