Unequalled music

Vikram Seth is surprised to hear that his bestseller, A Suitable Boy, is now part of the canon of postcolonial fiction taught in English graduate courses in the West. Especially as he rejects the idea of a 'canon' or a 'school' of South Asian writing.

I recently caught up with Seth during his North American tour for the release of his latest novel, An Equal Music. The 47-year-old economistturned-novelist prefers to keep his interviews brief. With a packed schedule on his month-long tour, he is clearly trying: to pace himself. "I don't read much South Asian fiction," explains Seth (he is known to enjoy detective novels and John Grisham). "In fact, I deliberately avoided reading it while I was writing A Suitable Boy. I didn't want to be too conscious of what other writers had written. I didn't want my characters to become influenced by the characters of other writers."

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