Artwork by Mika Tennekoon
Artwork by Mika Tennekoon

'One day forever': a translated excerpt from Farsi novel 'Yak Roz Ta Abad'

An excerpt of Lina Rozbeh Haidari's 'Yak Roz Ta Abad', translated from Farsi by Laila Ghezal Azimi

Note from the translator: 

The following story is a translated excerpt from the novel Yak Roz Ta Abad (One Day Forever) by Lina Rozbeh Haidari. The novel portrays the situation of women in Afghanistan before the Taliban’s resurgence in the country. It beautifully depicts the political landscape of the nation and its impact on people’s lives, emotions, loves and struggles.

The narrative of this story revolves around Zahra, the youngest in her family. Her mother is a widowed single woman who takes care of her two daughters. Despite facing economic hardship, she continues to provide hope for a better life for her daughters.

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