Screen Southasia: Q/A session for 'Demons in Paradise'

Screen Southasia: Q/A session for 'Demons in Paradise'

A conversation with the filmmaker Jude Ratnam, director of 'Demons in Paradise'

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In this Screen Southasia Q&A session, recorded on 5 February 2024, we speak with the filmmaker Jude Ratnam on his film 'Demons in Paradise'

Synopsis Sri Lanka 1983 – Jude Ratnam is five years old. On a red train, he flees the massacre of Tamils instigated by the Pro-Sinhalese majoritarian government. Now a filmmaker, he takes the same train from South to North. As he advances, the traces of the violence of the 26-year-old war, which turned the Tamil fight for freedom into self-destructive terrorism pass before his eyes. He unveils the repressed memories of his compatriots, opening the door to a new era and making peace possible again. Demons in Paradise is the result of ten years of work. For the first time, a Tamil documentary filmmaker living in Sri Lanka is seeing the Civil war from the inside.

The full discussion is now available on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

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