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  • Manukumar

    The views expressed in this atricle are fully synical and are out of the embarrasment due the recent win of the nationalistic party in India. The general acceptance that was visible in the Indo-Nepal relationships at the ministerial level adds salt to the wounds of the section which wanted to surrender Nepal and its self determination to the communist forces of China. The communists and communalists are hand in gloves to check the advance of the nationalistic forces towards the progress and cooperation. The plots and play organized by this group for the mutual benefits and boots will take the nations back to the dark and dirty leftist days that Kerala a state had witnessed and is still undergoing. Please allow two great nations and neighbors India-Nepal to prosper. The world is clear on the dastard acts of these communist and communal minorties of opportunistic gains. Without the treasure that country inherited from Sanathana dharma which RSS propagates what else is there for a younger generation to learn. The conquests of massive killing from Muslim countries or the peacful shoot down of the Russia that symboled communisim which is proud of even now of that old state. I are sure that this comment will not be published, but is meant to serve the purpose of expressing the views of an Indian of pride in its nationalistic views.

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