Himal Short Story Competition 2019 Shortlist

Himal Short Story Competition 2019 Shortlist

The response to our spontaneous end-of-year short story competition exceeded all expectations, and we send our thanks to all the writers who submitted their work. Within the two weeks that we were open for submissions, we received 319 stories – from writers based in Bangladesh, Canada, China, Ghana, India, Malawi, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, the UAE, the USA (and those are only the writers who told us where they were). We read them all, drawing every editor on our team into a reading marathon, and to discuss and decide the shortlist we are announcing today, with the greatest pleasure.

Here they are in alphabetical order according to story title:

'A Cold Heart' by Dur e Aziz Amna

'Chudail in Love' by Shivani Kamal Bhasin

'Dear Swara Bhaskar' by Pranaya SJB Rana 

'A Family Outing' by Prithvi Pudhiarkar 

'Momos and Soup' by Jhinuk Sen 

'Mardangi' by Anika Khan 

'Milk' by Mashiul Alam, translated from Bangla into English by Shabnam Nadiya 

'Philomena Sequeira' by Lindsay Pereira 

'Red' by Roshni Sengupta 

'Red Coral' by Sangeetha Bhaskaran 

'Second Class' by Priyanka Mashelkar 

'Tesu' by Riddhi Dastidar

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