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  • Khalid Fayaz

    Feroz is love. Only he can produce such content which swings one from himalays to manhattan amid the tragedies.

  • shafi Ahmad

    Dance of death ,spilling blood,agony and pain described in lyrical prose.

  • Mir Faheem

    Feroz’s is a gripping account oscillating between prose and poetry! It manages to create the nostalgia of those difficult days for people who have lived through them.

    Feroz has raised the right questions. I hope we also find the right answers!

  • Muzaffar Butt

    Our hearts bleed seeing such tragedies the Kasmiri majority population is undergoing since last two hundred years in general, culminating in worst form of silent genocide since last twenty six years. Probably we have not been able to produce a visionary patriotic leadership who could steer out the population from the present repression with wisdom strategy. There seems a ray of hope from the post 1990 Kashmiri born generation whose understanding and handling of the situation may be more organized, well documented outreach to international community effectively possible in this age of Internet as most of the outside world even Indian Intelligentsia do not know what actually happened and is happening to the majority population of Jammu & Kashmir since birth of two independent countries in the subcontinent in August 1947.

  • Muhammad Tahir

    Feroz’s piece is a work of exceptional beauty, which gives a poignant sense of homeland – Kashmir – torn apart in memory as much as in reality. It evokes all those memories filled with pathos and hope that one goes on living with when one lives in Kashmir or outside it.

    Thanks Himal for publishing such a quality art.

    Looking forward to reading his collection of stories.

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