“Contemptible treachery”

The report sent in by the Pakistani high commissioner in New Delhi, Ashraf jehangir Qazi, was the reason ostensibly behind Najam Sethi's arrest. The following is an excerpt of the report as quoted by a Pakistani government spokesman in Islamabad while commenting on Sethi's arrest. Reported in Dawn.

My own view is that Najam Sethi's attempt to pose as a heroic liberal fighting against corruption and tyranny by portraying his country as an irrational, contraictory, corrupt, unstable and dangerous entity —and that too in India of all places! is an act of contempt against Pakistan amounting to the most contemptible treachery. Mr Sethi claimed Pakistan did not know what it stood for. Was it Jinnah's Pakistan or Iqbal's Pakistan? It did not know whether it was an Islamic fundamentalist or modern state. It did not know what was its relationship to the Subcontinent, and whether it was Arab or Persian or Central Asian or Afghan, etc. It was, in short, a confused state!

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Himal Southasian