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  • Ganesh subedi

    Mr. Dixit is one of the first reporters who came forefront to write about Bhutanese refugees issues , while his government (Nepal) was silent out of fear of Indian government and conceding its so called relations with Bhutan & India. He has written many articles on Bhutan and is known as one of the well-known reporters. His detention is nothing else but politically motivated one. His arrest is one of the greatest failure of Nepal’s human rights and freedom of expression . Very sad to hear about his arrest.
    We will never sit silent, we will raise voice for his justice

  • Dipak Bastakoti

    This does not look like fact sheet as you mentioned, rather a description on the CIAA statements’ objection sheet..

    While, CIAA has suspected Dixit’s abuse of authority and unsourced accumulation of wealth, the CIAA must direct MONEY LAUNDERING DEPARTMENT, Social Welfare and District Offices where his business and social organizations are registered, and Revenue Investigation department so, Dixit, either can get clean chit from all accusations or face the charges.


    It would appear from the presentation that Kanak Mani Dixit’s arrest is a clear case of miscarraige of justice.The arrest surely smacks of an act of vengeance;at the very least such an accusation would be valid judging by the facts now available in the public space.Dixit’s activism and his writings have obviously riled the powers that be.He should be immediately set free and a handsome apology and adequate reparations should be made to him.

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