Analysis > Gorkhaland and beyond
  • Tanka Prasad Chettri

    Well summarised. Formation of Gorkhaland state under article 3 (c) of Indian constitution is also very important,if Indian government really want to stop the refugees or so called intruders from its neighbouring countries Nepal and Bangladesh especially. In democracy, minority is the major disadvantage though it has thousands of advantage. I suppose the issue of Gorkhaland also falls on same base. Expecting more informative article in future.

  • Devasish Rai

    This article is very informative and edifying narrative on the Sociopolitical issues on the ongoing Gorkhaland Movement a separate state movement in West Bengal , India of the 80s demanding under the Indian Union. It gives the readers an impression of academic content, beautiful and Intricate study. First time readers on Darjeeling and Gorkhaland Movment would very well comprehend on the complexity of the place and people. Thank you Sir…

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