Announcement > Himal Southasian to suspend publication
  • Himadri

    This is very shocking and sorrowful incident happened. Freedom of speech greatly hampered. Hope government of Nepal will realise the necessity of Himal Southasian magazine and do the needful at a result it would come back with a bang.

  • Sanjay

    I am not a regular reader but I thoroughly enjoyed it whenever I bought it for read from a round shaped roadside stall at cannaught place, Delhi. Definitely, will miss it. Thanks for providing great reportage for a young reader like me though we need much more but Thanks for the great work !

  • Geeta Dharmarajan

    Dear Friends,

    As an ardent admirer and follower of HIMAL since the early 1990s, I am pained and shocked to hear the news of its possible closure.

    HIMAL is a most valuable and seminal journal for the whole of Southasia. If there is anything we at Katha can do, anything at all, do let us know.


    Geeta Dharmarajan
    New Delhi

  • Boz Baral

    Wow! Pleased to learn that Nepal, until now, had by far the best press freedom environment in Southasia; hence Himal‘s presence there. In the context of payment etc. almost every country in the world is now required to adhere to anti-money laundering regulations and Nepal is no exception to this. If you adhere to the international and country’s anti-money laundering regulations and work-permit requirements, I feel that there should be very little financial irregularities and immigration issues and you could continue with the operation. If this doesn’t work, then as a reputed magazine, you could name and shame the culprits. I don’t wish Himal to vanish but I don’t want Himal to be involved in any corrupt practices taking advantage of the corrupt environment in this poorest of countries.

  • Rohit

    They allow foreign-owned media to operate in Kathmandu, without regulatory provisions and appropriate licencing. And they slash a small local effort by a group of Nepalese promoting regional peace and harmony. Nepali leaders have their mind filled with s***. No wonder the country is going downhill. They never know how to get their priorities right.

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