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  • K G Bhuvana Maheshwari

    The emotion in the first part of the story was strong and palpable and then the description of life crowding around in its usual cruel routine pace was very real but then after a while it got too real and I started looking for the story to move beyond the minute detailing of present moment interspersed with a brief flashback. The descriptor like ‘fractious son’ don’t jolts the reader to suddenly notice the conscious ways of using descriptors. The short story captures various human emotions carefully and that is it’s strength.

  • Dr Vanaja Malathy

    Bangaloreans will find the whole plot scenario recognisable. These days every one experiences the dread of incessant traffic, the dusty roads riddled with potholes in The city. The trauma of the accident in her subconscious mind is narrated beautifully as a huge memory bank that carries the images of the past influencing the protogonist’s conscious thoughts. It’s heartening to feel the agony of the character who fears the past conflict embedded deep in the subconscious holding sway over the conscious mind. Replete with moments of revelation & transcendence beautifully with crafted similes , .. in my upside -down world…like a rocket nosediving to earth; the story definitely grips the reader’s attention. Time keeps collapsing as the tapestry of two similar incidents & two similar individual encounter with each other. It’s a good read. Congrats Jyoti & do continue to give voice to such incidents where Bangaloreans find they lack the vocabulary to frame the grief of accident survivors experience the horror of entering & extinguish doors of death.

  • Deepika Rao

    Real life painted using a pallette of words that tug at heart strings and makes one feel a gnawing sense of emptiness that pervades in society. No respite even at the end. It’s a big bad world indeed!

  • Yashwanth jembige

    Excellent read… The beginning I thought was about her life as e had list her fiancée and how she was treated by her in-laws asking her to return their son though it was not her mistake.. Later the curiosity of Nandini made me read the whole article… The language used is fantastic… Superb descriptive words and trust me my reading speed went slow coz of the fantastic and descriptive language used.. Good luck Jyothi..

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