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  • Diane Barker

    There are instances of Chinese and Tibetans working together on environmental projects – see “Search for Sacred Mountain”, a film funded by the Pullitzer Center. It can easily be found on Youtube.

  • Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada

    Spirituality Science – What is Tibet’s Destiny?

    I agree with author’s assessment that Tibet can be saved if people in China desire it to be. In India, Nepal, and Tibet people share cultural belief in concept of Karma which is generally deals with actions of individuals and its consequences in present or future life. To some extent, individual can influence Karma by modifying his own actions or by regulating the desire to experience fruits of his actions.

    The concept of Destiny or Fate involves external power or agency over which individual has no control. Destiny or Fate is shaped by events over which man has no ability to save himself. The concept speaks of inevitability of events and man may have to find his existence under subjugation to external power or agency.

    Tibet exists under military subjugation or military occupation by superior force exerted by China. However, the concept of Destiny or Fate visualizes Force or Power which no man and no nation can overcome. Destiny can affect not only individuals but also national entities. It influences collective behavior and response by imposing events which people cannot avoid.

    For example, Bolide Collision in the past wiped out entire Dinosaur population giving chance to various other forms of Life to thrive on planet Earth. This major K-T extinction event did not wipe out all forms of life. It rather helped in emergence of new forms of life.

    In several human cultures, people describe Doomsday in terms of Destiny of very large population and not of random individuals. Several heavenly objects have collided with Earth and man may not have the ability to entirely stop or prevent such catastrophic collisions. In my analysis, China’s most populous City of Shanghai faces the risk of such disastrous collision. The consequences of such fateful collision will make people in China to reconsider subjugation of Tibet for they are forced to reconcile to live under subjugation by an external power or agency called Destiny or Fate.

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