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  • Pavan

    Happy to see societal attitudes towards LGBT are changing in India among elites. The progress is minimal accounting huge population in India. Hopefully, more people are responding and creating awareness about homosexuality and rights associated with it, SC recriminalization and struggles for recognition.
    Iam a Closeted homosexual in a small telugu town and none within my social circles know about me and I know no gays around me. All I explored and known about homosexuality is from Internet. Though Iam involved in some gay acts back in school, Iam know nothing. Now, after coming to city for higher studies, students here will laugh at about gay scenes in movies and young people still have misconception about gay things and talk about gay stereotypes and some think it is choice and due to madness. Older people don’t know what gay means.
    After all, there are no open gays after British ruled here. This stigma about homosexuality is hell to those who may come out, even if SC scraps section 377 or half the political parties place gay rights in their manifesto for 2019.
    Iam confused and anxious about my future. I don’t want depression and marry young girl in future without truly loving her. Still arranged marriages are highly prevalent here. Being only son to my parents also restricts me from many consequences. My papa won’t allow me to move faraway.
    This mental pressure is also affects my studies.
    I think these issues are not found in Indian families living abroad. Hope this society will change faster.

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