Photo: dwayne koh / Flickr
Photo: dwayne koh / Flickr

Beyond development and diversity

Historian Tsering Shakya on the state of contemporary Tibet.

Among the many consequences of the breathless media coverage of China as the new global superpower is the diminishing attention that Tibet seems to get. Reporting on grand economic plans like the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) largely caters to geopolitical or macroeconomic interests, rarely delving into the particulars of places like Tibet that also feature in the scheme.

The expanding reach of Chinese money and power has seen both triumphalist as well as critical reporting around the world. But how is Tibet responding to these shifts in the region's political economy? In this interview, Tsering Shakya, a leading historian of Tibet, talks to us about its place in the BRI, some of Tibet's most exciting dissident individuals and why anthropologists of Tibet should read more history.

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