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  • Desmond Coutinho

    You can only learn so much via the internet. In October when in Delhi I can give you a story about how her lawyers there have been trying to sabotage her trial there for the past two years. But here are some facts which you may not wish to consider or publish. Just some. Mr Khaidem Mani first appeared in March last year at the same time the Manipur Police decided to file a charge sheet and go to trial. His policy as he explained to Sharmila would bring about a great human rights victory and by appealing to the High Court and Supreme court bring the repeal of the AFSPA. You’d have to ask him for details. What in effect they seemed to want is Sharmila’s quick silent death by getting a judge to rule that there were no grounds for rearrest and hence forcefeeding would end. She would then be held on her release by a police sponsored mob called SAKAL. And she would die within 3 weeks. The extra-legal methods Mr Mani used when I supported Sharmila from November last year was to threaten my life, begin additional torture regimes against Sharmila while in prison unless she signed off on his fresh attempt to have charges dropped. He followed up with punishment beatings both inside and outside the Lamphel Court complex organized with SAKAL as a front but heavily backed by plain clothes police officers and lawyers. From Xmas day onwards I was imprisoned on trumped up charges by the Police using a bent local Judge the CJM IE Madam A Noutneshori Devi. She handles bail scams for the local pigs usually against Mainlanders. I was beaten up by the previous SP Imphal Central Jail but uniformed and plain clothes officers. Sharmila on the day of her release was not allowed to go to the sanctuary of the women’s market where ordinary manipuris might assemble but held against her will by the police and SAKAL So far the Judges have held firm against the intimidation and violence meted out by Mr Mani and those he represents. I know this because I attended the trial dates until I was arrested tortured and imprisoned for 77 days. Your MEA is investigating this matter and as soon as they opened the investigation the local pigs started to panic. They intimidate you people but are terrified if Delhi so much as growls at them. Whoever pays the piper. And Delhi acts if foreign governments intervene. And foreign governments in Democracies intervene for any citizen unlike India. New Delhi based journalists never travel to Imphal because you think you can monitor a trial in Imphal from Delhi. They are kangaroo courts and have to be witnessed to be experienced. But a mainlander’s safety cannot be guaranteed if you report what you see. There’s a new judge in charge now and Mr Mani has backed off and the police are no longer trying to file a charge sheet. Presumably if the law is repealed at the Centre (the one against suicide you got that bit right) then if they were patient they could just let her die after January 23 2016. If they were patient. So there is time for people of goodwill to make honest effective interventions. I’ll return I don’t expect courage from you people. But this article has no merit because it doesn’t report the actual obscene facts which have more to do with gangsterism than the rule of law. There is no rule of law in Manipur.

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