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  • Zulkarnain Banday

    Good luck. Beautiful narrative!!!

  • Shariq Rashid

    This story is an abuse to literature and to the Kashmiri sentiment and to all that Kashmiri Muslims have suffered in the last twenty-three years. Ghulam Muhammad’s apologetic secularism and Moti Lal’s winning of absolute sympathy and the author’s judgmental generalization, blaming Muslim insurgents solely, for the “exodus” of Kashmiri Pandits is a contemptuously brutal allegation and an attempt to degrade the history in her own favour.

  • Mariyam Tayyaba

    Story had been written in a very precisely manner which covers up the incident of leaving home. Good work

  • Amaar mir

    What an interesting read. The story is written precisely and intelligently. I loved the anecdote and the dialogue that has been used to end the story. Keep on writing 🙂

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