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  • Young Werther

    Dear Anish,

    Your piece was extremely helpful in making me think through my thesis chapter. Very well written. Academic hugs and kisses for this life saving article on the media spectacle!

  • Shankar

    Refreshing article on the evolving role of media as it relates to Indian politics. Large sections of the article had to be (re-) and re-read by yours truly (other sections I could breeze through) – something for the editors and authors to consider is to keep it simple (oftentimes Oxford gets in the way of reaching out to people regarding these issues!).
    What is also interesting is that I even though did not entirely agree with the article’s conclusions (vibrant state-owned independent channel? – why not add ‘owned by an honest car salesman’), I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  • Seeta Kasturirangan

    Very well written article. I have had many friends share election related articles on Facebook. All of them were biased and disappointing, in content, language and logic. I hope you don’t mind, Aneesh, if I share this. Besides I want to make Himalmag known to my acquaintance too.

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