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  • Dhawlendu

    The middle class life how easily make everything acceptable, keeping emotions aside somewhere and sustain all that comes. I wonder, what it would have took you to recollect and remind all that passed without a tiff and comes back here in this black and white world. It take a lot of to being humane.

  • Nilakshi Roy

    Dear Sumana,

    I was just commenting to my friends and daughters how my mother has started using my father as her brain, and her body . Suffering from indifference and unwillingness that’s a part of her condition, early Parkinson’s, and some tumultuous events late in life, she has stopped living. Actually. She needs nothing. Only love and attention to do her daily chores. That’s all.

    Your story makes me see how she has let her heart completely relocate to her head.

    Thank you.

  • Adan Klein

    Spectacular story! Another terrific piece by Sumana Roy!

  • Indranil Dutta

    Worth reading. Really loved it.:)

  • Abha

    As usual, Sumana, your story draws me in and keeps me there.

  • Lakbir Mahajan

    Hi Sumana,
    I am a person who struggles with words and so my praise will not do justice to your writing style.
    Honestly, I have very little time for myself but I always find time, even now, to read your work.
    Very well written, my dear friend and please tell me this is fiction… I still have a lump in my throat.

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