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  • Syed Afaq Ahmed

    Does any one know about Noor Manzil , Doodh Pur , Aligarh
    I will highly appreciate.

  • Adity Chakravarti

    A fascinating article ! Thank you ! I myself an really interested in documenting old homes and their history. I hope I can see some of these places for myself before they are pulled down ..

  • B.K. Bangash

    Love to see photographs of Habib Manzil

  • Naz Khan

    My Grandfather Mirza Nadir Husain lived at Yousuf Manzil. Will be extremely grateful if someone could provide some pics of this house and its address . All I havd heard ftom my elders that it is located close to the Aligarh district jail and the main Delhi-Howrah (Calcutta) rail line passes behind it. It is also close to the University..

    Will appreciate all your hrlp in this regard– Thanks in advance — Naz Khan

  • Akshat Kumar

    Wow, what a delight to read this article. Very well written and pictures are captivating. Thanks

  • Sheeraz Ahmed

    Very Nice article indeed and a very good effort … feeling nostalgic after reading it.. I agree with Dr Noorin khan more Kothi’s of Marris Road can be included in the article .. I live in the Zaka manzi , and own Zia Manizl, both built by Sir Ziauddin in early 1920’s …

  • Adnan Dawood

    Good article. Look forward to an update.

  • Taab anwer

    Very nice article and totally agree with Ms. Noorien Abdul Khan this would have been better one if included other Kothis of aligarh and the one made by Mr baseer Noor manzil located at dodhpur. Good effort by Ms MEher

  • Saeed Khawar

    Aligarh is our common heritage, I revere it like my own city and country.

  • Syed Shahrukh Saleem

    Very well written article.. I hope more people take interest in finding the lost history of Aligarh. If we all can make some effort definitely more of such information will be unearthed.

  • Abdullah Najeeb

    Hi Ms.Meher,

    It was indeed a delightful read. Very well written & woven with stories of these houses and its inhabitants. I have my own story. My maternal grandfather Mr. Mohd. Haziq, who taught persian @ AMU 1920s-30s, had built a beautiful kothi called Al-hamra. Its very close to Aftab Manzil on Anoop shaher road. I have had the pleasure to have grown up there in late 90s through 2000s. I, now, have moved on to Delhi to pursue my career, but this article has taken me back to the fond memories of Aligarh and these big houses. FYI…I am writing this comment living in a small apartment (where I can literally touch the ceilings if jump with emotions of nostalgia).



    Assalam o alikum .

    What a wonderful presentation of senior most Aligs .The pictures also depict owners’ style of life ,their literary aesthetics and above all history of
    Aligarh Muslim University .My uncle in laws namely late Dr Hafizur Rehman , Medical Officer and his younger brother Dr. Munibur Rehaman (Persian Dept )
    and their father late Ikraam ul Hasan were the owner of Gul e Rana ., Amir Nishan , Doodh Pur , Aligarh .I remained student of Psychology Department from
    1953 to 1959 and resided in Morrison Court and held post of Vice – President , Aftab Hal Cultural Society from 1958-1959 . Allah sir Syed ko jannat de ,
    Allah mere waldayen ko jannat de .Again Mubarak bad on such a nice presentation .

  • mohammad abdullah

    Good insights. Came here from AMUNETWORK GROUP.






  • Shadab Hussain

    If You want more information regarding Wazir Manzil contact me I am also lived in near wazir Manzil, Marris Road, Aligarh

  • Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi

    A good introduction to the fast disappearing old mansions of Aligarh which gradually but surely are being replaced by high rise monsters known as “flats”!

    Having been brought up in childhood in some such structures and having been a regular visitor to many which have been mentioned in the story, I can say that they not only have a singular physical enrironment but a culture of their own!

    I remember those moonlit nights when as a child I would sleep along with other family members in a vast open courtyard surrounded with arcades and beautiful fruit bearing trees of the “Old English House”, the northern portion of which was the “Common Room” of a hall of residence for students!

    The charpoys would be covered in pure white cotton sheets, accompanied by white pillows and equally white chadors to cover ourselves. To get rid of mosquitoes each was also covered with white mosquito nets (machhardani) and not very far would be a wooden tripod with an earthen pot (ghada) and a surahi covered with beautiful white lace-work covers. Nearby would be the silver ‘katoras’ (bowls) to drink the water.

    The scent arising from the raat ki raanis (a scented flower which blooms at night), the silvery moonlight and the myriads of clouds and brightly sparkling stars would all transform us into another lever!

    Now that I am living in a flat, I miss the nights – and days in those havelis of the yore! Aligarh was once dotted by many of them: and all unique in their own separate ways…..

  • Ghazala Rahman

    I was born (post partition) and raised in a house in Karachi on a strret named Sen Gupta. Who was Sen Gupta?


    Thank you mam for presenting an era not known to the people of my generation. i myself have seen many of these buildings however the only thing which i used to admire was their old nostalgic architecture. but today, because of this article i come to know the real and magnificent nawabi period of aligarh and to what extent these great structures still depict that. such a fine article!!!!!! purane waqton ka zamana sirf suna thha, aaj roobaroo hue hein.

  • Asif Sultan

    Great article Meher,kudos to you, please post more pictures of buildings and people

  • Faleha

    Good efforts by Mihir Ali. Bt she missed some very famous kothis of aligarh like ofcourse Habib Manzil owned by my maternal grandfather Riaz-Ur-Rahman sherwani. I don’t remember xactly when was it build tbt it was built by my great grandfather (my grandfather’s grandfather Mr. Habib-Ur-Rahman sahab) and my great grandfather Ubaid-Ur-Rahman sahab (my mother’s grandfather) was also pro VC of Amu during partition and has also dedicated his books to Amu our universities library. In Habib Manzil within the boundary of the house in section marriage home is been opened named Habib Gardens It would have been nyc if Hafeez Manzil, Wazir Manzil,Hayat Manzil,Lalazaar were included in this and also kothi of Dharampur

  • Danish

    Commercialisation has set in at Aligarh and slowly but surely would wipe away the history of Aligarh. Very nice article. I wish the University could do something about preserving these heritage homes.

  • Dr anju gupta

    Lovely article about heritage kothis of Aligarh
    My husband’s grandfather Mr Khayala Ram gupta also constructed Japan House on Marris Road on the same lines.
    We have tried to preserve the soul as far as possible

  • Mohd zia ul haque

    Yup it’s all about beautiful architecture, which influenced by moghuls architecture…..

  • Anisur Rahman

    Indeed very well written in a summarized form. I believe old memoirs are everyone’s heritage and gives a lesson to the present and future generations. May God bless everyone of you.
    Anisur Rahman
    Calgary, Alberta

  • syed hasan rizvi

    nice article wel explained and bring back the old pictures in very realistic way ,ofcourse we are old boys of AMU naturally whatever excusites we get about aligarh we read and this article indeed a very good work.we live in suleiman hall so we are witness of activities in Aftab Manzil ,now some portion have been sold out and flats have been biilt on that land but still the beauty and glory of aftab manzil is there.very nice article..

  • Ghazala Ali

    My maternal grandfather was Syed Faiyaz Ali of Faiyaz Manzil. My paternal grandfather was son of Syed Niaz Ali of Niaz Manzil. Any information regarding Faiyaz Manzil and/or Niaz Manzil would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately have never visited Aligarh but enjoy the stories of relatives while in Aligarh.

    Wonderful article!

  • Absar A. Mirza

    My Grandfather Mirza Nadir Hussain was a Judge who lived in Aligarh at the time of partition and his house name was Yousif Manzil. As per my father (Late Akbar Uddin Ahmad Mirza) it was a huge house and have heard some stories about it. Am interested in knowing about it if any one has any knowledge (Although chances are remote). Thanks in advance to any one who may shed light on an old page from the history which we the next generation has not read till now.

  • Noorin Abdul Ali Khan

    Nice article! Its lovely to read about the old kothies in Aligarh,specially of your family friend’s homes!Thanks for writing it. This other comment is for Mr Urooj Saifi. Wazir Manzil was constructed by our paternal grandfather Khan Sahab Abdul Ghafoor Khan in 1923 at Marris Road. I have seen pictures of our home in your relative’s houses in Karachi , Islamabad, Rawalpindi, New York, etc as all who visited us since 1950s have always taken pictures of our house.Yes it would have been nice if Ms Meher Ali would have included more Kothies like Danpir House,Habib Manzil,Hafeez Manzil, and of course Wazir Manzil.
    Anyways good effort.

  • Urooj Saifi

    My mother was born and lived in Wazir Manzil on Marris Road. The house was constructed by our maternal great grandfather Abdul Ghafoor Khan. Our part of the family moved to Karachi in 1950 never to return. We have heard that our mother’s relatives are still residing at Wazir Manzil. Does anyone have any information or pictures of the house – if you have please share with me.


  • Sharib Zia

    Thanks Meher..

    Very nice Article.. I tooo very fond of Heritage Houses (Kothies) of Aligarh, they’re beauty with soul & full of tales. I’ve great respect & love for them. These houses are priceless.

    InshaAllah in future, I’ll be definitely own such a Heritage beauty of Aligarh with love & pamper like they use to be in their time.

    Be in touch; post more pics of these divine antique beauties.

    Keep Writing 🙂

  • Ruhi Tabassum Khan

    Thank you Meher, this was very well done.

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