Illustration by Gihan de Chickera.
Illustration by Gihan de Chickera.

Southasiasphere: Issue #3

Viral Islamophobia, economic crisis and food security, and how COVID-19 has impacted legislatures in Southasia.

This is the third edition of Southasiasphere, our guide to developments from the region. We'll be monitoring the region to bring you fortnightly updates on political, legislative, economic, environmental and diplomatic events. Our aim is not to flood you with information, but provide clear analysis and outlook. On our radar are not just headline-grabbing news, but also stories ignored by corporate media both within and outside the region. As this comes at a critical time of global pandemic, when many seek reliable information, we're making Southasiasphere free to all for now. Do check out our membership plans and support our work.


This week in Southasia:

Viral Islamophobia

Economic shock and food insecurity

Updates on parliaments in Southasia


The old virus

As the region grapples with the spread of COVID-19, an older and chronic malady has reared its head, with an uptick in Islamophobia reported across the subcontinent. Far right groups and a significant section of their supporters have managed to weaponise the ongoing crises to further anti-Muslim sentiment in the region.

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