Photo: Flickr / Kashmir Global
Photo: Flickr / Kashmir Global

Institutional impunity and violence in Jammu & Kashmir

Some of our coverage of Jammu & Kashmir in past years.

A report released by Jammu and Kashmir Coalition for Civil Society (JKCCS) on 9 September 2015 claimed that the Indian government had institutionalised impunity and violence in Jammu & Kashmir. The report, titled 'Structures of Violence: The Indian State in Jammu and Kashmir', was compiled by International Peoples' Tribunal (IPTK) and the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP), and documents over 1080 extrajudicial killings and 172 enforced disappearances. Here is some of Himal's coverage of the region through the years:

Shahnaz Bashir recounts his days under curfew. (June 2015)

Mir Fatimah Kanth and Shrimoyee Nandini Ghosh on militarisation and disaster vulnerability. (August 2015)

Uzma Falak writes a people's account of surviving the Kashmir floods. (September 2014)

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