Photo: Dying Regime / Flickr
Photo: Dying Regime / Flickr

Maldivian IMDb: Elections 2018

Can the Maldives’ opposition stage a dramatic comeback, or will this election be a continuation of democracy interrupted?

The plot

On 23 September 2018, Maldivian citizens will go to the polls in only the third multiparty presidential election in the island nation's history. In a country normally portrayed by white beaches, swaying palms and luxury tourist resorts, the upcoming election will focus global attention on a less familiar cast of characters.

These actors, normally kept behind the scenes of a paradise idyll, will take centre stage as five years of political drama approaches a climax. Will President Abdulla Yameen reprise his role as the increasingly authoritarian head of state for another five-year term; or will the beleaguered opposition save the day for the archipelago's ailing democracy?

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Himal Southasian