Meanwhile, Jagdish

Providing a reaction to Amartya Sen's having won the Nobel Prize, Mohammed Muzammil, Reader in Economics at Lucknow University, writes:

If there is a question which Indian economist is next or rather, who has been denied the Nobel so far, I am sure most will agree it is Jagdish Bhagwati (JB), Arthur Lehman Professor of Economics and Political Science at Columbia University. JB´s contribution is not only larger in volume but also more rigorous in analytical standard than Sen´s; it is also wider in scope.

Bhagwati has dwelt with issues which link trade with development, particularly from the viewpoint of developing countries. He has produced a variety of economic analyses on a wide range of themes. His active period as an estab1 i s h e d economist   is longer and he has been more closely associated with economic policy making in India. In that way, he is closer to India and to knowing the Indian economy. The document, which he wrote (with T.N. Srinivasan) for the Indian government´s Ministry of Finance in 1993 entitled India´s Economic Reform is the most quoted document on economic policy changes in India since 1990.

If I were to compare JB with Amartya Sen, I would say Amartya Sen is a Gunnar Myrdal (who shared the Nobel prize in Economics in 1974 with Friedreich A. von Hayek) and JB is a Paul A. Samuelson (who was crowned with the Nobel in economics earlier in 1970).

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Himal Southasian